SENT – Send HTML Email From FileMaker Pro

Edinburgh, Scotland – July 11, 2019 – WhiteSpace Systems Ltd., a leader in producing high quality, efficient FileMaker® solutions, is proud to announce the launch of our eagerly awaited SENT app.

This FileMaker app allows you to send HTML emails directly from a FileMaker Pro Webviewer.

SENT has the following features:

  • Send HTML Emails.
  • Include attachments from either a Container field or directly from your filesystem.
  • Native FileMaker, no 3rd party plugins.
  • Simple to set up. Only a few custom functions and a Webviewer are required.
  • Unlimited discreet automatic updates.
  • Backwards compatible to FileMaker 14.

As a company and since FileMaker 8.5 introduced the Webviewer object, we have looked to develop a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) for rich text editing. Most of our solutions have the ability to send HTML email from within FileMaker Pro. We would always end up purchasing a plugin to accomplish this. It would worked fine but it always consisted in us having to build an email client in FileMaker and then the scripts to handle the sending of the email. This grew tiresome and we wished for a quicker solution to send HTML Email directly from FileMaker Pro.

Our main goal with SENT was to take away the complexity of sending html emails with attachments in FileMaker. This would make it accessible for novice to intermediate FileMaker developers. Even experienced developers will find SENT useful as it takes away all the complexity of SMTP and reduces it to just a few custom functions.

Steven McGill, Director, WhiteSpace Systems Ltd.

SENT has a free limited demo mode. This allows you to quickly test email sending and make evaluate if SENT is the right solution for solving your problem of sending HTML emails from FileMaker Pro.

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