An XML Parser that converts XML into JSON on the FileMaker Pro Platform.

As we delved into the world of REST APIs using FileMaker, we stumbled across an issue.

How do we handle XML responses?

When the REST response is a JSON object, we don’t have any issue and can make use of the JSON functions introduced in FileMaker 16 to manipulate that response as we need.

However, we found out during our development of fmapi-aws-s3 that REST APIs can respond in XML.

This was an issue and with any issue, solutions are born.

We present fm-xml2json.

A FileMaker script which when passed a valid XML string, will covert this string into a JSON object.

Download free over on Github.

FileMaker fmapi suite launch

Edinburgh, Scotland – March 22, 2019 – WhiteSpace Systems Ltd., a leader in producing high quality, effcient FileMaker® solutions, is proud to announce the launch of our eagerly awaited fmapi suite.

This FileMaker app suite allows you to connect your FileMaker app to a range of different 3rd Party APIs. For our initial launch we have started off small with providing our fmapi-vies-vat app but have a future road map to expand our suite to allow for integration with Payment Gateways, Cloud Storage, Shipping/Courier services and many more!

fmapi-vies-vat app allows you to connect your FileMaker app to the EU Commissions VIES API. This allows you to validate an EU VAT number directly from within your own FileMaker solution. This can be extremely useful for companies in the EU that trade to other companies in different EU countries. It offers a method to easily validate the EU VAT number, then with this knowledge, apply the appropriate VAT rate to something like an Invoice or Sales Order.

As a company and since FileMaker 16 introduced cURL to it’s platform, we have been integrating 3rd party APIs more and more into our customer solutions. These APIs have greatly enhanced their apps without the need of purchasing expensive plugins to accomplish the task. As we found more and more customers asking for the same types of integration, it was decided that we should streamline our integration process of APIs by building bolt on apps. These bolt on apps are the reason we are here today launching our exciting new fmapi suite of apps.

Our main goal was to make the complex world of REST APIs more accessible for novice to intermediate FileMaker developers. Even experience developers will find use with our suite of apps because all the heavy lifting has already been done and tested by our expert FileMaker developers.

Steven McGill, Director, WhiteSpace Systems Ltd.

fmapi-vies-vat app is a FREE TO USE app. This means that it doesn’t cost you anything to include in your solutions and can be used in multiple solutions. fmapi suite will contain several free to use apps, so look forward to more quality software with no COST!

All apps in the fmapi suite come with extensive documentation with full details of everything that can be accomplished. Each download contains a demo file that is completely unlocked to allow you to see the capability of each app.

All our apps should be compatible with the FileMaker 16+ platforms.

For more information on the fmapi suite, visit

For more information of fmapi-vies-vat, visit

For documentation of fmapi-vies-vat, visit