Simple, sleek, intuitive design. Makes the user experience enjoyable because of its ease of use.

In the Cloud

Making use of AWS EC2 servers, the system’s data resides on the cloud and utilises the full backing and power of Amazon Virtual servers. This means little, if any, downtime of the servers.

Data Filtering

As MCR Pathway’s legacy system was all spreadsheet based, it was near impossible to search on this data. We made filtering and exporting of data simple and effective.

Fine Tuning

Using our bespoke app that provides updating functionality, GoUpdate, we can easily push updates to all the clients GUI files. This allows us to work on development copies of the system without interfering with a live system.


Using our internal developer framework, auditing is built into the system. Ever single bit of data entry/modification is logged and easily trackable in the Audit module of the system.


Using our internal developer framework, security is button based. This gives the client full control over which user can click which button.


People involved


Coding hours


audit logs created each day


days running with very minimal support needed.