A little bit about Our Story

Hey! I am Steven, a 30 year old developer from Scotland.
Here at WhiteSpace Systems, we begin our story in a stormy night in Cornwall…

On a stormy night in Cornwall, WhiteSpace Systems was born with the single thought in mind. That thought being that Business Apps should be simple, easy and intuitive, so anybody can understand and be productive with.

With these goals as our target, we haven’t looked back in providing custom business apps that cater to your unique business needs while never neglecting the goal we set out for ourselves. Simple. Easy. Intuitive. Business Apps!

Steven McGill

WhiteSpace Systems Ltd.

Short Bio

A few details about our director…

Steven was born in Scotland in late February of 1988. He’s always had a passion for Mathematics, Computer Science, Cinema and Football from a very young age. He’s always keen to show of his problem solving skills where he can and code up the solution.

With over a decade commercial experience in bespoke business app development, Steven has worked on some very interesting projects over a wide range of industries. Most notably:

  • BusinessMan CRM App (arguably the most comprehensive CRM/ERP solution on the market).
  • Edinburgh & Adelaide International Film Festival App (state of the art solution to running a every aspect of an International Film Festival).
  • MCR Pathways Mentor Recruitment App. (Cloud based solution using WhiteSpace Systems in house Framework ‘fluid’).
  • shift.online A tech startup trying to transform the delivery industry.

Steven is an accomplished FileMaker developer earning certification in multiple versions and proficient in web technologies.

When you start a new project, what is your attitude?

“Always under promise and over deliver.” – Steven


Developing Business Apps since 2008
Been a coding monkey since 2006

Our team has a wide range of skills that have been accumulated over multiple years.

Over a decade with FileMaker
Over a decade with PHP
Over a decade with HTML/CSS
Over a decade with Javascript
3 years with Java
3 years with Python
1 year with Nodejs



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